Starbucks Verismo V-585: Differences Versus the Verismo 580

Starbucks Verismo V-585: Differences Versus the Verismo 580

Starbucks Verismo is available in two different models, the Starbucks Verismo V-585 and the Starbucks Verismo 580. Both in terms of functionality and in the ability of offering the consumer a true Starbucks coffee experience they are very similar machines.

Both machines have a 19 bar high pressure pump which allows for the extraction of the coffee from the Starbucks Verismo pods, they automatically eject the pod into the storage container after used, they feature a rinse function to keep the machine clean, 15 second brewing time, energy saving via automatic turn off 5 minutes after non-use, and, lastsly, they both have an adjustable tray to fit larger cups if necessary.

Introducing the Starbucks Verismo V-585

How The Starbucks Verismo V-585 Is Different: Additional Features

Starbucks Verismo

The Starbucks Verismo V-585 offers a few additional features such as: a LED display, an internal filtration system to ensure that water which is stored in the container is always fresh and pure for healthy brewing, a water container which is 3.5 liters (versus just 1 liter), a cleaning notification that reminds the consumer it is time to clean the machine, a pod container that holds up to 30 pods (instead of just 10), and an addition button for regulating the temperature variation manually.

The V-585  is slightly larger in size and costs $200 more. It is $399 versus $199 (the 580).

All in all, they are extremely similar and both of them get a superb job done: to bring Starbucks home. The Starbucks Verismo 580 is an incredible machine. However, if the additional features are important to you, you may consider venturing into purchasing the Starbucks Verismo V-585.


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